There’s long been a comfortable partnership between music and visual arts, from Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground up through Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons. But when you’re thinking about the intersection of the two mediums, iconic Australian rockers AC/DC might not immediately come to mind. Although for Venezuelan-born Abdul Vas, whose work often traffics in the stereotypically masculine – cowboys, baseball, guns, and roosters – perhaps the quintessential cock rockers as muse make perfect sense.

Vas, who’s had his work shown throughout Europe and America, and was chosen for the Beijing Biennial in 2009, has seen rock and roll – and “Rock and Roll” – work its way into his visual art for years, with AC/DC being a particular point of focus.

His latest piece is a flight case made to resemble the one the band used in their Razor’s Edge tour in 1990. The 40 piece limited edition case, sold through Preteen Gallery, comes complete with stickers, a rubber stamp, t-shirts, books, interviews and more. Vas explained a little more about the role music has played in his life and art.